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Persnickity taste, our high standard goods are  ethically mined and sourced, locally made, purest grade and Highest quality, eco-friendly, Non-Toxic, and we personally know and support our American & Native vendors we’ve hand selected.

 All our oils, candles, resin art, etc., that we make are created in ceremony with the highest intention that serves the good and good of all & for your best or better.

Upcoming Events

Drumming and Singing Bowl Group Session

Join Irene and Stef for a monthly 90 minute "bring your soul back home" sound healing session as you comfortably lie back for a passive healing experience.


With these 2 energy healers and intuitives, they'll showcase the night with a short guided meditation and intuitively feel what's needed for the group.


Using various sounds/instruments, crystals, copper pyramids, oils/sprays and sage/palo santo (with permission), and energy work.
Often a channeled message from your guides, loved ones, higher self, and angels come in to offer you comfort and clarity that's for your best and the good of all.


Sound healing instruments that may be used: hand drums, singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks, gong, tingshas, crystal pyramid, chanting, humming, and singing.


$40 energy exchange- sign up link below

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I don't take myself too seriously, and through humor and my smart ass guides, this journey of mine as a Psychic Medium and Energy Medicine Healer and my perspective brings much light heartedness from the metaphysical realms to podcasting. Through sharing stories and experiences, channeled guidance and meditations, and talking about the weird, wild, and wacky, this will be a fun and entertaining, to say the least. All the woo-woo that feeds our soul.And I'll have numerous guest speakers on time to time. What can come in: ghost stories, chakraology, Arcturians and other Light Beings, opening sacred space, past/future lives, Akashic records/DNA, starseeds, who our guides are/can be, all kinds of fun topics we'll cover, as well as take-aways and how said experiences can also offer mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual supportive healing.I'll share things and then teach how to manage or work with your own energy and intuit for empowerment and healing purposes.



Spiritual Hygiene

The Cosmic Dojo with Stef Todd

As empaths and energy beings, my take on spiritual hygiene means to ground from below, and/or above, cut cords, cloak, get in your filter/bubble for setting healthy boundaries to not absorb others energy, and to also allow your body it's own space to heal and release all not serving you.




Coming Soon!

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